At the beginning of the Bible, we see the purpose that GOD had with earth and with man. Firstly, HE created man in HIS image and HIS likeness and clothed him with GOD’s glory (Gen 1:26, Rom 3:23, later in the Bible GOD states that the whole earth must be filled with the glory of GOD (Num 14:21). GOD’s glory is His view, HIS judgement and HIS opinion. It is evident that GOD wants the whole earth to be filled with HIS image and HIS likeness.


After the fall of Adam, the only man who had the image and likeness of GOD, was Jesus Christ. It is important to understand that it was never supposed to be only Adam (before the fall), just as it was also never supposed to be only Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ was the beginning of GOD’s restoration plan, which HE had in mind from the start – an earth filled with GOD’s image and likeness, not an earth filled with only one person bearing HIS image and likeness, who would take us to a better place one day.


The problem today is that Jesus Christ was put on this unreachable pedestal, where it was only him who could do the perfect will of GOD, where only he could be in the image and likeness of GOD. The longer this mindset is maintained, the more people make excuses for not being able to be the image and likeness of GOD. They reason that they can never be perfect because only Jesus Christ was perfect, and because of this belief GOD’s dream pays the price.

We, at Christ in Me International, believe in Jesus Christ, but we do not worship him as GOD but a the Son of GOD. This is very important to understand. When you believe in him, you believe in what he did for you, thus fulfilling his works in your life so that you can also be a Son of GOD, just like he was, your older brother. When you, however, worship Jesus as ‘GOD the Son’ it becomes impossible to be like him; besides, it is also unscriptural. Jesus Christ was sent to make you a Son of GOD, just as he was Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD. He was not sent, with all due respect, to drive the bus that takes us to Heaven. Jesus was sent to restore that which Adam lost. Jesus Christ was a ‘second Adam’. He was the origin of a specie*, just like Adam was.


Please understand this; there is always a Heaven and at the same time, an earth, and not only Heaven, or only earth. This means that whatever is going on in heaven should reflect on earth. Please also remember this; there will always be a heaven which will be made visible on this earth, as Jesus Christ confirms in his prayer in Matthew 6:10. This means that while you are on earth you should rule and reign as a Son “on earth, as it is in heaven”. It is pointless and downright heresy to believe and live your life with the expectation of going to a holiday destination called ‘heaven’ when you die.


Romans 8:19 beautifully states that everything that ever existed is waiting for the revealing of the Sons of GOD, not the Son (singular) but Sons (plural). Because a Son answers to the dream of GOD, as stated in Genesis, an earth filled with HIS glory…which reflects HIS image and likeness. Further on in the chapter, Paul explains what Son(s) he is referring too. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren (Rom 8:29 NKJV). Paul says that this “image” is the same image that Jesus Christ portrayed, that he was the first of these Sons (plural) and that we are destined to be that exact image.


Because of the work that GOD did through Jesus Christ, many of the fallen mankind will become Sons, exactly like Jesus Christ. In Hebrews 2:9-11 the writer states that Jesus Christ is not ashamed to call us his brothers because we are exactly like him when we carry that glory, because we carry the exact same Name that he carried. The name of the Father. A Son’s mandate is to represent the Father.


For us to understand this, we must understand that Jesus Christ had a natural and a Spiritual birth. Jesus was born without sin, supernaturally from the womb of Mary. Although he was born without sin, without the corruption of the fallen mankind, he was still born from flesh; it was still a natural birth, a natural body. On the other hand, Jesus had to be born again from heaven so that he might receive the SPIRIT of GOD to become a Spiritual man. Paul beautifully explains the concept of the natural and spiritual in 1 Corinthians 15:40-49. If we understand this, we will understand that the exact same process needs to happen to us. We were born from our earthly mother and father (in the natural), furthermore, we must be born again from our heavenly FATHER and mother (in the Spiritual). GOD never ever steps over the line; HE never crosses the spirit-flesh line. Flesh is always corruptible, meaning it grows old! GOD cannot grow old. GOD is always SPIRIT! Jesus’ body also grew older, but Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD is spirit and does not grow old. That spirit is also not male or female and does not have an age (Gal 3:28). When Scripture says, ‘And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us’ (John 1:14), the true meaning becomes clear. The will of GOD ‘as it is in Heaven, so also on earth’ becomes visible through a fleshly body – the Spirit man (everlasting) inside the fleshly body (corruptible).


Thus, there is no difference between you and me and Jesus Christ, or rather, there should be no difference. He was our example of what the specie* should look like when they are born again.


1 Cor 15:45-49 states that Jesus Christ was the first heavenly man born from above and that we will bear the same image as the first heavenly man.


Paul addresses an important principle in Philippians 2:5-9, that we should have the same mind as Jesus Christ had and not count it robbery to be equal to GOD. Why would Paul say this? Because people think that they are making GOD less when they say that they are equal with GOD. Usually right about here, we want to shout “blasphemy!” But this is exactly why Paul teaches us this principle. Please understand that there is a difference between function and value. In Function, GOD is GOD and we will never be equal to HIS Function. But in value, we are HIS offspring. We are HIS kind, HIS type, HIS equal value. Let us look at a natural example for clearer understanding; when a lion gives birth, it gives birth to a baby lion, not a baby dolphin. It gives birth to the same value and kind as what it is (Gen 1:11). When we say ‘equal in value’ we say that what is birthed from GOD, is the Godkind. A human baby is considered just as valuable as his or her father or mother, no matter the fact that the baby is not contributing to society yet. If you murder a baby, you will receive the same punishment as when you murder a full grown human being, regardless of age or function. All humans are considered equal because they are the same species. In the same manner, when GOD is your FATHER you are the same in value. This is essential for the earth to be filled with the fullness of GOD. And no matter the things you do, you can never lose your specie* description. No matter how bad you think you are, you will always be the Godkind. If Jesus Christ was the first of many – and Philippians 2:5 states that we should have the same mind as the first of our kind – then this is exactly what we should believe and be. Christ in a seed(offspring) of GOD, and Jesus became the 1st one born from above, the seed of Christ.


1 John 4:17 states that as GOD is, so are we in this world. What GOD looks like is what Jesus Christ came and showed us. Now, each of us must show what GOD looks like.


Jesus Christ was the image and likeness of GOD two thousand years ago. Today, we should also be the image and likeness of GOD, so that every school, company and sports team, to name a few, may be filled with the invisible GOD through HIS visible Sons.


Unfortunately, incorrect teachings taught us that we are only Sheep (and as sheep we bleat). The opposite is true however, we are Lions, Sons of the MOST HIGH GOD and we must ROAR!


* The newly coined word ‘specie’ (derived from ‘species’) is used to emphasise the fact that there can be only ONE kind or sort (no variation).